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3 Simple Home Scent Hacks to Try Today

house smell3 simple ways to make your house smell incredible FAST! We all know the old realtor trick where they back a batch of cookies before an open house, here’s the quicker way to make your home smell divine in a fraction of the time. And if scents aren’t your thing, I have a hack for that, too!

LORAfied Home Scent Hacks

1/4 Cup coffee beans on baking sheet
Home Scent Hacks

2 Tablespoons vanilla extract in a small bowl

Home Scent Hacks

Place either in a 300F oven for 20 minutes to an hour.

For No Smell:
Pour 1/2 inch white vinegar in a bowl and leave it on the counter for a few hours to soak up the unwanted scents.

NOTE: I use Lucy’s Vinegar🤗

And there you have it… 3 home scent hacks to try!


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