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6 Easy and Genius Summer S’mores Hacks




Have you ever tried toasted marshmallow fluff? I’m not a marshmallow fan and I LOVE IT 😍 And that just one of the 6 hacks that will change your s’mores game this summer! From NO MESS S’mores to the craziest toasted thing EVER, I can’t wait for you to try my easy s’mores hacks 🥰

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Hack 1: Rice Krispie Treats with Fluff

As if regular s’mores couldn’t get any better, wait until you try this marshmallow fluff hack. Simply dip your Rice Krispie treat into your fluff, then roast it like a regular marshmallow. This combo tastes AMAZING!


Hack 2: Reese’s with Fluff

If you loved the Rice Krispie treat with fluff, just WAIT until you try this insane combo. I used frozen Reese’s peanut butter cups for this hack. For best results, put the frozen Reese’s on the stick, coat in fluff, then freeze again until it’s time to roast ’em. Putting them in the cooler works just as well. I promise you, this hack is worth the mess!

Hack 3: Chocolate Stuffed Rice Krispie Treats

If fluff isn’t your thing, I have a hack for you! Cut your Rice Krispie treat in half, place the chocolate right in the middle, then close it back up. AFTER stuffing the Rice Krispie treat with the chocolate, freeze or store in a cooler until it’s time to roast. This hack takes Rice Krispie treats to a whole new level.




Hack 4: Walking S’mores with Mini Chocolate Chips

Up next is my walking s’mores. Any cookie bag works for this hack. Simply add chocolate chips (I used mini) and your roasted marshmallow right into your cookie bag. The best part of this hack is that your hands stay MESS FREE!


Hack 5: Cereal S’mores

This one is similar to the walking s’mores, but we are going to use mini cereal cups instead! Add chocolate chips and your toasted marshmallow right into the cereal cup. Once again, your hands stay mess free, and it’s perfect for folks who don’t love graham crackers.




Hack 6: Mess Free Walking Scooby S’mores

If you are more of a purist but don’t love the mess, pick up a mini bag of those Scooby snacks. These are basically mini graham crackers! This hack is just like the walking s’mores hack: add your toasted marshmallow and mini chocolate chips to your Scooby snacks bag. It’s mess free but tastes just like a classic s’mores!


What would you rather have a toasted chocolate stuffed Rice Krispie Treat or the Reese’s s’more? Comment and LMK! Of course, classic s’mores is just as great! Follow for s’more 🤗


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