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Home-Ec Hacks: How to Get Smooth Sheets

Smooth Sheets - LORAfied Home Ec HacksAre you tired of wrinkled sheets? Here are some simple tips you can try right now to get smooth sheets and they don’t cost a thing!

Smooth Sheets Without an Iron

Instead of tossing into the washing machine all at once, unwrap and make sure you’re not overcrowded. Gentle detergent is key!

Skip the bleach, it’s super hard especially on cotton sheets! Add a half cup of baking soda and wash on warm.

Take them out as soon as they’re done, give them a shake & stick them in the dryer. Dry on lower heat for a shorter amount of time.

 You don’t need to do all of these steps to see results. To me, the biggie is taking your sheets out of the dryer early and either immediately hand pressing and folding or putting directly on the bed!

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