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Money Saving Tip: How to Get Free Boxes Anytime

Money Saving Hack - Free Boxes - LORAfiedRemember the last time you had to buy a box to ship something and it was almost the price of the postage?! Or how about the cost of moving boxes??? 😳 Did you know there’s a place you can get them for FREE? 🙌  Here’s how to score free boxes anytime you need them!

LORAfied Money Saving Tip

Money Saving Hack - Free Boxes - LORAfied

Did you know U-Haul has a free box program?! They are the extra boxes that have been used at U-Haul. If you have boxes, you can actually go drop those off too! This is a great way to grab free boxes whether you’re packing up a few things to store in the attic, shipping something to grandma’s house or moving!


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