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LORAfied List to Low Carb Fast Food

Sharing the best low carb hacks to help guide you the next time you’re ordering at your favorite fast food chain!


LORAfied List to Low Carb Fast Food😍💚



Low Carb KFC Order🍗

  • Buttermilk Ranch (2 g net carbs)
  • Buffalo (2 g net carbs)
  • Hot sauce (1 g net carbs)
  • Chicken Wing and Drumstick (3 g net carbs each)
  • Green beans, add butter spread (2g net carbs, 0 carbs for butter spread)


Low Carb at Taco Bell🌮

  • Chicken Power Bowl (21 g protein, 4 net carbs (with no sauce), 240 calories)
  • Nacho cheese sauce (and most sauces)
  • Lettuce wrap or bowl option

*SKIP: bread, wraps, biscuits, anything fried (chicken, fries, desserts), rice, beans, chips



  • Double quarter pounder with cheese, no bun, and no ketchup (42 g protein, 4 net carbs (with no sauce), 540 calories)
  • Mix buffalo and ranch (low carb and tasty)

*SKIP: sauces can be tricky and add unnecessary carbs. The sweet & sour, hot mustard, tangy bbq, and ketchups are not low carb friendly!


Chick Fil A🐔

  • 12 count grilled nuggets (38 g protein, 2 net carbs (with no sauce), 200 calories)
  • Mix their zesty buffalo sauce with their house sauce for a delicious low carb hack
  • Cool wrap in a bowl (42 g protein, 5 net carbs (with no sauce), 350 calories)

*SKIP: the spicy chicken sandwich, and sauces can add up the carbs here again…2 Polynesian sauces have as many carbs as a bun!



  • Low carb latte hack: large cup of ice with 2 shots of espresso, then I add my own low carb, high protein shake to the cup. The regular way Starbucks makes it has 49 net carbs! Adding your own shake will make it so it only has 5 carbs (and my shakes have 20g of protein!)

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