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Low Carb Fast Food Guide

low carb

How often do you find yourself eating on the go? Now that school and sports are in back in full swing, I’ll be rolling through drive-thrus more than I’d like. As someone who tries to eat low carb, fast food can be a tough, here are some of my favorite orders 🤗

LORAfied Low Carb Fast Food Guide



What to order: Double quarter pounder with cheese, no bun, and no ketchup.

42 g protein, 4 net carbs (with no sauce), 540 calories

To make it more exciting, make a sauce by mixing buffalo and ranch. This sauce is low carb and SO tasty!

SKIP: Sauces can be tricky and add unnecessary carbs. The sweet & sour, hot mustard, tangy bbq, and ketchups aren’t low carb friendly.



low carb

What to order: 12 count grilled nuggets

38 g protein, 2 net carbs (with no sauce), 200 calories

Mixing their zesty buffalo sauce with their house sauce is a delicious low carb hack.

What to order: Cool wrap in a bowl

42 g protein, 5 net carbs (with no sauce), 350 calories

By ordering the bowl option, you are saving a lot of carbs!

SKIP: The spicy chicken sandwich… believe it or not, it actually has more carbs. The Polynesian sauce is a no go if you are watching your carbs.


Taco Bell

 low carb

What to order: Chicken Power Bowl

21 g protein, 4 net carbs (with no sauce), 240 calories

This is one for the easiest fast food restaurants to eat at, and they have a ton of low carb options! Most of their sauces here are a go… even the nacho cheese sauce.


A few extras…LOW CARB SKIP LIST:

Bread, Wraps, Biscuits – ask for a lettuce wrap or in a bowl
Anything fried: chicken, fries, desserts
Watch the sauces, 2 Polynesian sauces at Chick-Fil-A has as many carbs as a bun!


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