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Money Savers: Best Days to Shop and Save

Looking to save money wherever you can?! 🥰 This list will help guide you on the best days to shop for anything!


💰LORAfied Money Saving Hack: BEST Days to Save


⛽️Buy gas: Monday, Friday & Sunday


🍷Buy wine: Tuesday or Wednesday


🍻Buy beer: Monday (Thursday and Sunday are usually the most expensive)


🛒Buy groceries: Wednesdays


💙Shop at Walmart: Tuesday morning


❤️Shop at Target: Tuesday – Thursday


💻Purchase a laptop: Monday


🛍Shop at the mall: Thursday


🍿Go to a movie: Tuesday afternoon


✈️Fly: Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday (Most expensive is generally Friday)


🏨BOOK a hotel: Friday & Saturday


🏨STAY at a hotel check in: Sundays & Tuesday nights


🛳Book a cruise: Most deals happen on Thursdays – June 11, 2023


🍝To Eat out: Mondays & Tuesdays



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