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Money Saving Cereal Hacks


Have you noticed how crazy expensive cereal is?! Captain Crunch alone has gone up by over 40% in the past couple of years 😳 To give you a quick idea of how bad it’s gotten, I decided to compare Americas top selling cereal, Cheerios:


When you factor in the shrinkflation AND the price increase over the past 2 years, you’re paying 16% for 7% less cereal = which is equivalent to a 25% price increase! 😮
That means we’re loosing 22.5 bowls a year! Over 3 weeks worth of breakfasts! And that’s just for 1 person!


✳️Here’s how and where to save


Coming in first is Costco and Sam’s Club. If you’re lucky to have a membership at either of these stores, they have the best deals.


Coming in second is Walmart. Walmart has the best selection of all of the stores. Your best buy here is their 2 pound bags! In general, the more you buy the more you are going to save. Buying in bulk is key! The smaller box almost always cost more in the long run.



The best deals might not even be at the grocery store. Surprisingly, drugstores have really good deals on cereal. Especially if you coupon stack, you can have up to 40% off!


✳️ How to store

Here’s the rundown: you’ve got 3 months to eat opened cereal and up to a year if you store your unopened bags. Store your bulk bags in a cool, dark spot to make it last.


✳️ How to revive stale cereal

If your cereal is past its prime time, here’s a hack to revive it! Spread your stale cereal on a cookie sheet and bake at 350F for 5-10 minutes. Good as new!


✳️ My FAVORITE SECRET CEREAL HACK of all time…just don’t tell the kids this one 🤫

A great hack to save some money is to mix name brand with the generic. Your family is never going to know, and you’ll save around 25%! Generic cereal brands cost 20-25% less.

Always HERE FOR YOU, sister! 🥰 Stick around for more daily tips + tricks 🤩


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