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Money Saving Cheese Board Hack

LORAfied cheese board hack🧀💰MONEY SAVER: $30. CHEESE BOARD HACK 🤯❤️ Did you know the average cost of a large charcuterie board spread runs between $100-$200?! NEARLY 7x the price of a large turkey 😳 That’s significantly more than the rest of the meal combined! Here’s how to create an AMAZING board for 70% – 85% LESS! 🥰

LORAfied 1 + 2 + 3 Cheese Board Recipe:

1 condiment (pick 1 or more: grainy mustard, honey, fig jam) 2 different crackers (or baguette) + 2 fruits and/or veggies 3 different cheeses & 3 different meats *Optional add-ons: nuts, dried fruit or olives, which I used

Budget Board Shopping List:

Smokey Gouda: 2.99 (Aldi)

Swiss: 2.00 (Walmart) (cut into 3 shapes – slices, triangles, mini triangle chunks)

Brie: 2.97 (Walmart)

Olives: 2.23 (Walmart)

1 Cucumber: .74 cents (Walmart)

1 Green apple: .64 cents (Walmart)

Bread Sticks: 1.90 (Aldi)

1 speciality cracker: 3.59 (Aldi)

Baguette: 1.65 (Aldi)

Hard salami: 2.78 (Walmart)

Sliced salami: 4.92 (Walmart – used for salami rose)

Roast beef: 3.64 (Walmart – 1/2 package rolled into cigars, 1/2 folded into ribbons)


From my pantry: Honey Grainy Mustard


Shopping Tips:

-The stores with the best prices on cheese are Aldi, Costco and Walmart (30-40% cheaper)

-Skip the specialty section and head to the regular dairy case. You’ll save 500%!

-Generic brand cheese is usually the same quality as their pricey counterparts

-Skip “fancy” crackers. Pick up a baguette and slice it your self for a fraction

-Fruits like apples and veggies are great substitutes

-Skip the specialty meats and go for the sliced deli meats instead. Roll & arrange yourself

-Turn the regular salami into a rose as seen above


What cheese do you dig into first on a cheese board? Comment and LMK! Mine has to be Brie ☺️


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