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Money Saving Food Hacks


Are you tired of finding food gone bad? It’s so frustrating tossing food that’s gone bad before you can eat it, isn’t it? Here are some of my favorite ways to make food last longer. Wait until you see how I’m keeping chips fresh, it’s SO satisfying 😍


Tip 1: Line your refrigerator drawers

I found these awesome liners on Amazon- they are so spongy! Lining your drawers with these guys allows air to circulate around those fruits and veggies. Your produce should last 2-3 times longer!


They not only make your fridge look great, but they are also super easy to wash.

Shop the liners here


Tip 2: How to Store Your Eggs


I used to think storing eggs in other containers made them last longer, but that isn’t the case. The container your eggs come in is designed specifically to cradle your eggs.  It also soaks up odors to protect those guys. Keep them in the original container to save hassle and make them last longer.

Place your eggs on the middle shelf of your fridge towards the back- that’s where your fridge is the coldest!


Tip 3: Storing Your Leftovers

You kn0w how when you open meats, like bacon, they get all go bad? That’s because their original containers store them in their own juices- yuck! I found this awesome storage tray from Amazon as a solution. Any containers with a drip tray will keep your meats and cheeses fresh.

Shop the trays here


Tip 4: Chip Storage

Run and grab all of your open chip bags! I have a chip graveyard going on in my pantry! The best way to save your chips from going bad is to toss the clips and get this handy bag sealer. All you do is pull it across the bag to seal! And it’s rechargeable. It makes your chips brand new!

Shop the bag sealer here


What’s the main thing that usually goes bad before you can finish I it? Comment and LMK 🤗


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