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My Best Travel Hacks for Long Flights

flight hacksDo you dread long flights? Quick story, I once had an overnight flight that was freezing but the airline didn’t board any blankets at all, not one, for a cross country red eye flight 😳. That scarred me and everyone else who was too cold to sleep! I ended up wrapping my sweater to Kid 2’s legs, trying to keep her warm, but that wasn’t enough – lesson learned. We landed exhausted and freezing. I don’t care if it’s 100 degrees outside, when I’m getting on a long flight, you will always find this exact travel blanket near the top of my bag 🧳

Long flights can be a bear, but here are some of my favorite long flight hacks to make them more bearable (sorry, I couldn’t resist that 😉)

LORAfied-Approved Hacks for Long Flights

flight hacks

Getting comfortable is key! I change into pajamas right after takeoff. Also, I know compression socks are ugly and hard to get on… but they WORK! Don’t forget an eye mask to block out those neighbors who never turn out their lights. Noise-cancelling earphones are great on all flights, and are a must on long ones! And for much-needed comfort and warmth, I linked my favorite travel blanket and nifty neck pillow to get you through your flight.

Shop here: Pajamas (2 options linked) | Compression SocksEye Mask | Travel Blanket | Neck Pillow | Ear Plugs (2 options linked)

flight hacks

I always carry a portable wireless charger just in case. The one I have linked HERE is perfect for charging and watching TV at the same time🤗

Do you struggle with tangled headphones? With my favorite audio transmitter, you can watch in-flight entertainment with your own buds. Plus, it’s wire-free 🤗 Shop HERE!

flight hacks

Last but not least, a little hydrating spray throughout the flight will help you feel refreshed when you land! Shop my favorite one HERE.


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