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2 Genius Kitchen Inventions


Are you tired of searching for lids that fit the right pot or bowl? I’ve the found the answer and they are incredible, I can’t believe how much I LOVE them! And can we talk about the refrigerator locker?! It’s fantastic! If you share a fridge with anyone, you need this! 🔒❤️ I just had to share these kitchen inventions with you guys.




1.Suction Seal Lids

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These guys are true kitchen magic! The best part is that they cut out your plastic use in the kitchen AND they get rid of those smells. They work on just about anything and you can put ’em in the dishwasher.



2.Refrigerator Locker

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Raise your hand if there are those certain kitchen items you want to hide for yourself. This guy is where you keep your stash! While it works great for medicine you want to keep out of the wrong hands, let’s be honest… I’m using this guy for cupcakes!


What would you put in your fridge locker? Comment and LMK! 🥰


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