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5 Crazy Quick and Easy Summer Fruit Hacks

Fruit hacks - LORAfied

Do you own dental floss? Go grab it, you’re going to need to cut that watermelon! Here are 5 crazy easy hacks that will make prepping your summer fruit fun! This year, sign up to bring the fruit platter to the BBQ!

For a quick and easy way to pit cherries or remove strawberry leaves, grab a straw! Push through the bottom and watch the magic happen.

Do you want to slice watermelon quickly? Grab your dental floss! You’ll want to cut a large slice out of the watermelon first, then grab the floss at both ends and pull down once for the whole slice, then horizontally for pieces. You can even let the kids handle this one!

Go ahead and pick up a bag of those kiwis. Cut off each end then grab a tiny spoon and scoop the fruit right out of its skin!

Last but not least, a great lemon juice hack! Grab a tooth pick and stick it into the bottom of the lemon. Give it a little twist, then squeeze juice right out of the hole. You’ll be using these fruit hacks for years!

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