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5 Simple Linen Closet Hacks For Small Spaces

Linen Closet Hacks

Do you have a dedicated linen closet or has it turned into a catchall for your family? Here are 5 things that just make sense in my linen closet while keeping the kids and Scooter from using it as storage locker.

1. Clear Dividers

Linen Closet Hack

These plastic dividers are my absolute favorite and they keep towels organized by style.

2. Labeled Bins

Put pillow case in labeled bins. This keeps them from ending up all over the place! I recommend this easy-to-use Label Maker from Amazon!

3. All White Linens

I’m a big fan of white linens for bath & bed. It makes it easy because you can use them in every bedroom and every bath! If you’re looking to shop some, try these white Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets and this Soft Linen Bath Towel Set.

4. Matching Pool Towels

The pool towels are the only thing with color in here and I make sure they match! This Set of 4 Striped Pool Towels are similar to mine, and are available on Amazon.

5. Labeled Toiletry Bins

I keep extra toiletries in open bins so it makes it easier for my kids and husband to grab what they need. These Clear Plastic Storage Bins are perfect for the job!


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