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A Fun Detailed Recap of Our Trip to Dubai

After two years of trying, we’re finally taking this trip and you’re coming with us! I’m recapping some of the most notable moments of the trip for your entertainment and for you to take notes if you plan on traveling to the breathtaking city of Dubai!

The trip as a whole was truly an adventure from start to finish. Before the 16 hour flight even takes off, the adventure starts in the Emirates lounge at LAX with the most beautiful burrata and red velvet cake – the kids were in heaven, it’s their idea of the perfect meal! I included a video of the view from the lounge balcony of the Tom Bradley International terminal at LAX on this post on Instagram. This place has really changed over the years, for the better.

Once onboard, Scooter and I took a minute to breathe and take it all in, as this trip came together in the eleventh hour!

When’s the last time you were on a long haul flight? And how happy were you when you finally landed after what seemed like the equivalent of 4 back to back viewings of Gone With The Wind? We’ve all been there, stuck in the middle seat, so tired you just want a bed, any bed! Well, sister, that day my ship came in…actually, it was a surprise flight upgrade from my husband Scooter who turned to me at the ticket counter and said Merry Christmas! Whether the upgrade was more for him than me and the kids, it doesn’t matter, I’ll take it!

Here are the highlights from Emirates or what I call the flying hotel:

Instead of a seat, you have a living room like pod which features it’s own bar, writing desk and makeup mirror, I knew I should have packed my Conair Hot Rollers!

Bathroom with shower, yes, girl, a shower! You actually book your shower time when you board, it’s wild! Another head turner, the custom Dubai wallpaper. And it’s toiletry section that more day spa than night flight. When you’re done, tea service awaits!

Then there were the official Emirates pajamas, not sexy, but super comfy along with a bag of goodies that rival any gift with purchase Neimans has ever done! Look at this full size bottle of Bulgari! It makes me wish I wore perfume! The bar with light pink stone counter is an updated return to the days when the 747’s were king, even wore the pj’s here, LOL!

Then there’s the non-stop food service. Think high end restaurant style, with full menu, made to order dishes, including caviar service – it was so surreal!

Honestly, the flight alone was a vacation! No dishes, no cell service, it was heaven! I didn’t want to sleep because I didn’t want to miss a minute of this experience!

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