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Fast mashed potatoes! No peel, time saving hack

How many life minutes do you think you’d save if you didn’t need to peel your potatoes anymore? My guess is a lot! 

I’ve got some good news: you can now throw your peeler in the donation basket, because you don’t need it anymore! This quick trick is going to change your yukon gold game for good! 

Here’s the low down on this fast and fun method:

Boil a bag of potatoes, SKIN ON. No need to poke with a fork, score with a knife or any of those other time consuming things, just toss all the spuds in your pot, fill with water and boil until done, about 20 minutes.

When tender, remove from water and cut in half.


Place cut side down on top of baking rack and push!

The center pops through the grate and into your bowl, while the peel is caught on the square grids. That’s it! 


Now add your choice of seasonings. I use grass fed butter, organic heavy cream, salt and pepper. Stir to combine and you’re ready to serve. Giving new meaning to instant mashed potatoes.

I hope you like this trick! For more, follow me on Instagram & TikTok

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