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Can doing the dishes lead to a healthier brain?

News Flash: Dishwashing is good for your brain! Yes, simply doing the dishes, something you and I do ALL. THE. TIME. has benefits beyond clean coffee cups in the morning. But don’t try watching TV or having an in-depth conversation with your spouse while stacking plates, focusing on the actual task needs to be your only focus.

@mindbodygreen shares their conversation with neurologist Dr. Dean Sherzai of @sherzaimd –

“We say there’s no such thing as multitasking; it’s doing multiple things badly,” says Dean. Your attention becomes compromised as you multitask…keeping your attention sharp is key for optimizing brain function as you age.”

Don’t care for doing the dishes? You can try this focus technique with lots of daily chores or hobbies, just make sure you’re not distracted, your mind should only be set on the task at hand

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