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Costco Cheat Day Hack: Food Court Ice Cream Sandwich

cheat day


Do you have a cheat day? Mine is Sunday! I have this 90% on 10% off philosophy and boy do I make sure that 10% is well spent 😂 Today’s CRAZY CHEAT DAY edition is meant to be shared by 2, 3 or even 4 people! This would also make a FUN & AFFORDABLE date night treat 🤗

First stop is running over to the Costco food court. We are going to order one quarter of the Costco ice cream and not one, but TWO of their decadent chocolate chip cookies.

Now for the ice cream sandwich. I grabbed a spoon and spread the ice cream on the bottom cookie, then topped it off with the other. Bring someone along with you, because this guy is going to take a team effort.

cheat day

Just you wait until that cold ice cream hits those warm cookies. This cheat day hack is decadent, creamy, and everything you want on your cheat day.

What’s your favorite cheat day treat? Comment and LMK! Mine is ice cream, Kid 2 and I have it every Sunday! We research places and check their flavors online before making our big decision 🍨💕


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