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Costco vs Crumbl Cookie Throwdown


Have you tried Costco’s NEW Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie? It just replaced their long running food court churro (much to the dismay of Kid 2, but to the delight of Kid 3). When I first saw it, I immediately thought of Crumbl cookie, which is just around the corner from my Costco. Here’s the thing, the Crumbl cookies are 5 bucks each 😳while Costco is charging half that💰 I grabbed a few at each place and conducted my own, non scientific study, which includes Scooter and someone on the street 🤓 Is the Crumbl cookie worth the price? Or has Costco just turned the cookie world upside down?! Let’s find out.

First up is the price. A single Crumbl cookie goes at 5 bucks a piece. But at Costco, it’s half the price at $2.49. For that price, we can pick up our own pink box!


These cookie are both super similar in size. And they both have some good lookin bottoms 😉

Lookswise, the Crumbl cookie is more uniform. It’s basically picture perfect! The Costco cookie on the other hand looks more homemade. Crumbl wins for softness, but Costco takes the cake on the chocolate pull. Costco also wins best-smelling cookie!

Let’s talk about the chocolate chips. Costco almost has twice the amount of chocolate chips! It also tastes more homemade. Bottom line? Crumbl is a darn good-lookin’ cookie, but for half the price and the smell, Costco is a winner!


Which one looks and sounds better to you? You know how I feel about chocolate AND saving money 😉💕


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