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Costco vs Sam’s Club Pizza Throwdown


WHICH ONE WILL WIN? Have you tried the pizza at either store? Both a HUGE DEAL and delicious…but each in their own way! I’ve had so many requests for this challenge I thought I’d better get it up before the Super Bowl so you can start your party planning 🏈🎉 Good news: both places let you call and order in advance 🥳 Who has the best pizza? Time to find out. 🍕❤️🏆

In terms of price, both pizzas are under $10. Sam’s Club comes in at $8.98 while Costco is $9.95. Sam’s Club does not require a membership for purchase, but to get Costco’s pizza, you definitely have to be a member.

At Sam’s Club, you’ll find 4 different options but just 2 at Costco. Costco’s pizza wins for size, serving 12 slices. Sam’s club is a bit smaller, giving you 10 slices.

Now for the real test, the taste test. Up first is Sam’s club. I talked to costumers who agreed that this pizza was more firm. While they taste pretty similar, the textures are different. Costco has a thinner crust. Costco won for overall flavor!


But at the end of the day, Scoot and I agreed that both are great. He just needed a beer to go with them😉


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