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Sauce Hacks: 2 Game Changing Fast Food Hacks


Are you a sauce fan? I LOVE SAUCE! In fact, I don’t eat many things plain 😂 But the challenge has always been how to get the correct sauce ratio. I’m not a fan of blobs of sauce, nor the idea of opening a packet and pouring on it on a paper covered tray, that’s always bothered the neatnik in me 🤓 Thanks to these genius hacks I’ve got all your bites covered 😉


Sauce Hack #1

First up is my hack for getting the perfect sauce ratio when you are dealing with a sauce packet. Often times, opening up the packet ends in one big glob of sauce on your food item. No worries because I have the perfect solution! Poke a hole in the corner of your sauce packet (I just used a plastic fork), helping you get the PERFECT drizzle!

Using the hole, I drizzle the sauce right on the bite I’m about to take. This way, you get the perfect amount of sauce with EVERY bite!


Sauce Hack #2

Instead of opening up your tearable sauce packet the way we were all trained to, try tearing it all the way down the side of the packet. This creates the perfect sauce pouch!

Creating this little pouch isn’t just adorable, it also keeps your sauce cleaned and contained, instead of making a giant mess. This is also my secret for getting the perfect French fry to ketchup ratio.

Thanks to these genius sauce hacks, you’ve got all your bites covered! What’s your favorite sauce? Comment and LMK! I’ve always been a ketchup girl and still put it on my scrambled eggs 🤭


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