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Genius Firecracker Chocolate Popcorn Hack

popcorn hack


How much popcorn do you eat? Kid 2 eats A LOT and we’ve come up with some pretty crazy combos! To date this is our favorite sweet one! This popcorn hack includes so many goodies, including the easiest way to melt chocolate and a secret ingredient to add to your popcorn. This treat is customizable for any occasion and perfect for the Fourth of July!

popcorn hack

This popcorn hack is so easy and starts with the microwave. I used this microwave glass popcorn popper that I absolutely cannot live without! Whatever your preferred method is, whip up a batch of plain popcorn. After making your popcorn, spread it over a parchment lined baking tray.

Next up is my satisfying hack for melting chocolate, and it’s going to blow you away! You can use any kind of chocolate your prefer. Boil some water in a pot, and drop your chocolate bar into the pot with the wrapping still on. The chocolate bar will melt FAST, you’re basically going to dip it in the water, wait a few seconds and pull it out. Make sure you don’t walk away!

When your chocolate bar is melted, sprinkle the melted chocolate all over your popcorn to coat. I snipped off a corner of the chocolate’s wrapping to make it a mess-free process. We topped our popcorn with a white chocolate bar and mini M&M’s.

Now, here come the fireworks! Can you guess what the secret ingredient is? POP ROCKS! I picked up some popping rock candy and sprinkled it over the popcorn while the chocolate was still hot.

popcorn hack

This popcorn hack is so fun, you are going to get carried away! What’s your favorite popcorn topping? Comment and LMK 😍


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