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Summer Grill Hacks: Part 1

grill hacks

GRILL HACKS: Summer Series Pt. 1 😎☀️

Are you a griller? In our house it’s Scooter 🛵 Manning the grill is one of his favorite things! Today I am sharing 3 game changing grill hacks to step up your grilling game this summer.

Tip 1

Clean and season your grill with an onion! Scooter was probably just as surprised as your are, but this hack is a game changer. The onion helps get all of the pesky crud off!

Tip 2

When grilling veggies, just grab a baking rack! This keeps your veggies from getting lost in this grill forever.

Tip 3

Grab some fresh herbs to infuse a bit of flavor and place it on the baking rack! It smells great and does wonders for making your food taste extra fresh and flavorful. I added mine to my baking rack along with those veggies.

Stay tuned for more grilling hacks and summer tips.


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