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How much to you dread bringing in the trash cans from the curb? How about trying to get a couch cushion back in after washing the cover? Then there’s the dreaded no time (or desire) to iron 😑 I’ve got you covered! 3 FREE + EASY + FAST home hacks so you can do the things you really want to! 🤩


Let’s start with your trashcans. This hack makes bringing these guys to and from the curb SO much easier! Here’s what to do: open the lid of the first trashcan and stack it on top of the second one. Then, close the lid of the second trashcan. Now, both of your trashcans are secure! This is the quickest and easiest way to move these guys hassle free.



Next up is my couch cushion hack! All you need for this hack is a clean trash bag. This right here is the secret to never struggling with trying to fit your couch cushion back into its cover. Start by placing the cushion inside the clean trash bag. Then, insert the trash bag containing the cushion into the cover. Once it’s in place, simply pull out the trash bag, zip up the cover, and you’re done! The trash bag slides right out! Seriously sister, this hack is life changing.


Got wrinkles but don’t feel like ironing? Here’s my easy no-iron hack. Start by grabbing some ice cubes. Toss a handful (about 3-4) of ice cubes in the dryer along with the clothing item. Dry for 10 mins, and the wrinkles are gone!


Follow along for more helpful home hacks!


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