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Dupe Alert: Designer-Inspired Fashion Staples



Love the designer look but not the crazy prices? These are INCREDIBLE DEALS that will update your summer fashion game without breaking the bank 🎉

You can shop all of these designer fashion dupes HERE



Let’s start with these Walmart sneakers. They are an exact dupe of the Dolce Vita Dolan sneaker. The Dolce Vita sneakers are $150, but these dupes are only $35.


These Gucci copycats from Target are fantastic. Less than $33 each for the slides and loafers, while the Gucci versions cost over $900. What?!



If you’re a fan of the Hermes sandal that cost $760, pick up these Target dupes. They are an incredible lookalike and only cost ya $20!


Next, take a peek at these Christian Dior inspired slides. The designer version costs $775, while the Target dupe only costs $25.



This Bottega Veneta dupe from Target is only $30 and looks identical. While the original… it’s $5,500. Yikes!



If you love Designer handbags like me, check out this incredible Walmart dupe for the Dior handbag. This guy is only $18, while Dior’s is over $2,000.


Lastly, take a peek at this adorable Tommy Bahama inspired hat. Walmart’s version is only $7, while Tommy Bahamas’ costs ya $144. It’s 95% less!


What are you more excited about- new shoes or a new handbag? I’m going with shoes, the comfier the better 👟😉 Hope you love these dupes, and follow along for more money saving hacks!


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