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Costco: What NOT to Buy



Are you a Costco fan? I truly LOVE Costco, it’s like a outing instead of a chore 🤗 So many fun and sparkly new things grab your attention, which might explain why it’s hard tell if you’re getting the best deal. To be fair, Costco doesn’t advertise themselves as the best price in town, but for some reason, we’ve been trained to think everything there is a deal. While a lot of items are a big savings, here are the 5 items you’re better off grabbing at your local grocery store 😉

Item 1: Chicken

This is probably the most surprising item. You can find chicken A LOT cheaper at Aldi, Walmart, and Vons, saving up to 30%! The best part? You don’t have to buy chicken in bulk.



Item 2: Organic Milk

Organic milk at Costco costs around 25% more than your local grocery store. You are better off buying it there, and again, you don’t have to buy it in bulk.



Item 3: Soda

When it comes to soda, you are going to want to buy this at the grocery store. Grocery stores do something called a “loss leader,” marking down Soda to really low prices to attract costumers.



Item 4: Canned Goods

When it comes to canned goods, you can find these guys 20-30% cheaper at your grocery store, where they’re often on sale.



Item 5: Diapers

One more thing to skip… Costco diapers. Walmart’s private label carries diapers that are 50% cheaper!

Which item was the most surprising to you? Comment and LMK! I was blown away buy the price of the chicken!


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