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Easy and Time Saving Cleaning Hacks: Part 1


Do you like to clean, do you dread it or are you somewhere in the middle ? I’m one of those people who likes the feeling you get when you make lines in the carpet the vacuum (or as my 93 year old mom, Norma Jean calls it “the sweeper” 😉) With that said, I’m not a fan of wasting life minutes on chores, if there’s a faster way to do it, I’m in! Here are some of my favorite CLEANING HACKS THAT WORK! All are SO satisfying! Just wait until you try the rice in the vase 🥳

Grab your toothbrush and toothpaste to transform your dirty iron. This is so easy and so effective! Make sure to unplug your iron before cleaning. Add your toothpaste to that iron and scrub with a brush, it’s good as new! Don’t worry if you have extra toothpaste left in the crevices- a little steam will get rid of that.

Instead of struggling with that huge bucket in your sink, grab a pool noodle. We are gonna place that bucket on the ground. We are going to place the pool noodle on the end of your faucet and run it into the bucket. Such a great way to clean your sink, and it’s easier on your back, sister.

Cleaning supplies can be pricey. Instead, we are gonna grab those fuzzy socks your mother-in-law gave you for Christmas. Place one sock on each side of your mop and start cleaning those floors. To wash, just toss those dirty socks in the wash. This has is eco-friendly and a GREAT way to save some major bucks.

Do you have anything in your household like vases with gunk on the bottom? You want to clean them, but your hand won’t fit inside to reach the bottom! I have the perfect solution, and it starts with rice. To clean those nooks and crannies, take a little bit of dish soap, some warm water, a touch of vinegar, and then my secret ingredient… dry rice. Simply shake the vase, and the rice does all of the cleaning for you! Who knew?! The best part is that after this hack, your vase looks brand new.


I call this one the trash transformer. It’s the perfect hack to stop struggling with your trash bags. Take a command hook, turn it upside down, and place them on the outsides of your trash can to hold your bag in place.


What’s your biggest cleaning challenge?

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