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Home-Ec Hacks: Food Expiration Date Explained

Expiration dates - LORAfied HOME EC HACKSDo you toss food the day it hits the expiration date on the package? What do those dates mean, anyway? You might be surprised to learn the government doesn’t actually require dates on anything other than baby formula, so what’s the deal? Here are some tips for knowing when to toss or keep your kitchen staples.

Dairy: up to a week past it’s date

Expiration Dates Home Ec Hacks - LORAFIED

Eggs: 3-5 weeks past it’s sell by date!

Expiration Dates Home Ec Hacks - LORAFIED

Pasta: up to 2 years past expiration date!

Unopened deli meat: 7-10 days past it’s date

Note: the shelf life for dairy, meat and pasta is based on unopened packaging and as always, make sure you smell it!

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