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How to Increase Good Luck in Your Home

home luck

Do you have Triskaidekaphobia (the fear of Friday the 13th)? Nearly 21 million people do! Some folks will skip work, traveling and even leaving their homes today costing the economy around 900 million dollars in lost revenue! Who knew?!

Here are five EASY ways to INCREASE the good luck in your home everyday! 🤗

home luck

Step 1– Add bamboo to your home! Bamboo plants are believed to spread positive energy.

home luck
home luck

Step 2– Display crystals for a little extra good luck. They also make great home decor and look stunning!

home luck

Step 3– For protection and strength, grab an elephant in any form… even one of your kid’s stuffed ones! They are animals believed to bring wisdom.

home luck
home luck

Step 4– Sleep better and clear out any negativity by burning Palo Santo, Sage, or Incense. The best part? It smells great!

home luck

Step 5– Lastly, grab those oranges! They are great for bringing prosperity. Make sure to display nine as that is the lucky number in Feng shui.

This is your year to get lucky! Make sure to follow along for more ways to increase good luck in your home.


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