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How to Make Cookie Cutter Whipped Cream Toppers

LORAfied whipped cream cookie cutter toppers

Are you looking for a fun (and tasty) way to get into the holiday spirit? Then this hack is for you! Introducing cookie cutter frozen whipped cream toppers…to compliment any hot drink from hot coco to coffee, or even tea. They’re cute, festive, and melt into your drink!


☕️🍪 Holiday Hack: Frozen Whipped Cream Toppers 🤎🎄

What you’ll need: you can use any whipped cream, even Cool Whip works! Basically any topping you can freeze. You could even do little dollops out of a can onto parchment paper and freeze those.

What to do: top with candies for extra fun… Anything that’s going to melt in a hot drink. Think M&Ms, red hots, chocolate chips… And, of course, sprinkles, any kind of sprinkles! We’re going to decorate these guys like cookies, and then stick them in the freezer.


Once they’re frozen, pull them out and let them sit out for a minute or two, then use cookie cutters to cut them out. Once your shapes are cut out, any unused shapes can go back in the freezer!


What’s your favorite cozy winter drink? Comment and LMK!🤎


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