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LORAfied On-the-Go: McDonald’s Hack! Secret Cookie Tote



 Have you heard about the 13 cookie box at Mickey D’s? 🤯 It’s an OFF THE MENU box of warm, gooey goodness baked to order and delivered to your car 🚗 And it’s A DEAL!

When I heard this was a thing, I HAD to check it out! I ordered the 13 Cookie Tote, and it was less than $5! I did some research, and the cookie tote can cost anywhere from $3.99 to $6.89, depending on your location. Regardless, it’s a steal!

The best part of this hack is it is delivered straight to your car! Once you order, they have you pull over so you can bake them. They are delivered straight out of the oven, baked to order!

This hack is so fun, it feels like you are getting a little present. These cookies were perfect- chocolatey and gooey! This cookie tote is delicious and a CRAZY good deal you are going to love. I still can’t get over it!


Follow along for more money-saving hacks. Would you rather have a box of fresh baked cookies 🍪 or fresh hot fries 🍟? Comment and LMK! I would have said fries until I experienced this life changing moment ❤️


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