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Trader Joe’s Hacks: Money Savers

Trader Joe's

It’s time for the truth about Trader Joe’s! If their store brands look familiar, it’s because they are. You can save big on a lot of your favorites at TJ’s (80% of their products are private label) same product, just different packing! Here are some of my favorite Trader Joe’s finds for less.

Ranch Dressing (Kid 3’s favorite): Hidden Valley

Smoothies and juices: Naked

Oatmeal: McCann’s

Dairy free yogurt: Forager

Pita chips: Stacy’s

Crackers: Carr’s

Tomato Soup: Pacific Foods

Pistachios: Wonderful

Hummus: Tribe

What’s your favorite Trader Joe’s item? Comment and LMK! I’m a big fan of their garlic and onion pistachios 🤗


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