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Money-Saving Costco Shopping Secrets: Part 1


Do you love Costco as much as I do? It seriously has everything you need! Today I am sharing some of my favorite Costco shopping secrets you need to know to save money while shopping.


Costco shopping secrets

First things first, walk past the front of the store. This is where the pricey stuff is! The best deals are actually hiding in the middle and back of Costco.

Make sure to skip those tempting samples, as you are 40% more likely to buy the product if you sample it.


Did you know some of their best-selling products are made by popular brands? Their shampoo is said to be made by Pureology, and their diapers are made by Huggies. My favorite nugget is that the Kirkland coffee is actually made by Starbucks. Who knew?!


Price Tag Tips:

A tag ending in .97 means the product is on sale

.00 – manage your mark down!

A price tag with * means the product is on clearance


These Costco shopping secrets are sure to save you some money on your next shopping trip!


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