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Money Saving 2 Ingredient DIY Cooking Spray Hack

Cooking Spray Hack - LORAfied Kitchen Hacks

How often do you use cooking spray? We reach for it almost daily around here. It’s one of the kitchen staples that’s always on my list. But I’ve always been bugged by how pricey it is and how quickly we run out of it, not to mention, the ingredients include a lot more than just oil! Here’s my money saving 2 ingredient DIY cooking spray hack!


Pour 1 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup any oil (I use Organic Avocado Oil) into a spray bottle (check out this Pack of 2 Sprayers from Amazon!) Shake and use. Does not need to be refrigerated. This is the easiest cooking spray hack ever!

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2 thoughts on “Money Saving 2 Ingredient DIY Cooking Spray Hack

  1. OMG Lora!! Just put spray bottles in my cart and can’t wait to make this!! BRILLIANT AS USUAL!! Thanks so much!