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Perfume Dupes That Will Save You Money


Have you noticed the price of perfume and cologne lately?! 😳 When Kid 3 casually asked for a bottle of Dior Sauvage for Christmas, I almost passed out when I looked up the price! So I sat out on a journey to find the best dupe I could! Not only did I find an incredible copycat for that one, I uncovered a treasure trove of others you’re going to love as well. Oh, and there is one copycat I suggest you skip 😉


First stop is Target. Good Chemistry’s Magnolia Violet is a fantastic dupe for Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume. While Marc Jacobs costs you $101, you can grab this guy for just $26.99.


Dossier Fruity Jasmine is a fantastic dupe for Dior J’Adore. It brings the price down from $100 to just $29! Dossier Aromatic Star Anise is the dupe for Dior Sauvage and brings the price down from $100 to just $29!

I found the Dossier perfumes at Walmart in store. While there are some Dossier perfumes online, at time of posting, the following two were not readily available on the internet, so go grab ‘em in person 😍


At Bath & Body Works, grab You’re The One. It smells just like Miss Dior and only costs $19. 80% off sounds like a deal to me!


Over at CVS, they have something called “perfect scents.” It truly was a perfume treasure trove! The Patchouli Musk scent is a dupe for Creed. While Creed will cost you $265+, you can grab this guy for $20. What a steal!



If you’re a fan of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, try the Perfect Scent in Wood Vanilla. It’s $150 less and a fantastic copycat. And if you are into Baccarat Rouge 540, grab perfect scent’s Cassis Amberwood. You are going to save over $300 with this guy!



Perfect Scent’s dupe for Chanel 5 is one you want to skip. To keep things simple, it smells nothing like my mother-in-law.


What’s your favorite perfume? Do you have a signature scent? Or maybe you’re looking for one. Comment and LMK 💝


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