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My Guide to International Public Bathrooms

public bathroomsHave you ever used a public bathroom while traveling abroad? It’s a real eye opener… especially if you’re traveling with kids. Here’s what to expect and how to flush your way through Europe like a pro! 😉

Click here for the link to my public bathroom kit 🚽🧻

What I found to be the most confusing was how to flush! Everywhere I went, there was a different way to do it. In Rome, I basically rang a doorbell to flush! In Greece, flushing felt like a gameshow… by the way, you push it 😉

Public Bathrooms

The toilet paper was another story… we are very spoiled here in America! In some spots like Greece, you have to throw away your toilet paper instead of flushing it due to plumbing. A favorite find of mine on the trip was the pink toilet paper in South France!

NOTE: Toilet paper isn’t always available, so make sure you have tissues in your bag AND hand sanitizer or wipes.

Bathrooms aren’t free in some places like Capri, Italy, so make sure to have some euros on hand. Even if the bathrooms are free, tips are always appreciated.

Oh, one more thing…you won’t see a toilet seat cover outside of the US, if you do, please let me know where! 🤗


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