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Packing Tips and Tricks That Will Keep You Organized

packing tipsDo you usually overpack or under pack? Here are my packing tips for packing success no matter where in the world I’m headed. I’m sharing my outfit formula, colorway trick and viral packing hack.


I start with my daily pills and vitamins. I separate them for each day and pop them in my daily pill baggies. Then, I make a morning and night pouch for each day with the pill baggies along with other necessities like hydration and stevia packets

packing tip


Next up –  toiletries, hairbrushes, and chargers. I organize them into this travel pouch and charger case.

packing tip


I pick a color palette for each vacation.  That way I bring fewer pieces and everything mixes and matches. For example, on my Asia trip I chose blue and white. Make sure to pack outfits for the day and night. For shoes, I stick to walking shoes, flip flips, and flats or sandals.

packing tip


To pack and unpack in one easy step, use a hanging shelf. Just fold your outfits and place each day on a shelf! Then, collapse it right into your luggage. When you arrive at your destination, pull it out and hang it up!

Stick around for more travel hacks to come!✈️


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