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Do you own at least one of these guys? Kid 2 and her buddies are obsessed with these things! If I’m being honest, I don’t really understand the hype surrounding them. I thought I could get away with just ignoring this trend while I kept using what my teens call “an embarrassing knockoff” 😂 But after we missed the special Valentine’s Day edition release at Target 🎯 and found out they were being resold on eBay for over $200. each, I knew I had to see if this barbell of a water bottle was really worth it 🧐 What I found was SHOCKING 😳

In terms of price, Stanley and Hydro Flask tumblers cost over 50% more than Simply Modern! Simply Modern wins best price.

Next, I conducted a 5 second water test to see which tumbler has the least spillage. 5 seconds upside down and Stanley loses an entire cup of water! Hydro Flask lost 1/4 of a cup, and Simply Modern? Less than 2 tablespoons! Simply Modern wins again.

Now for the temperature test. I filled each tumbler with ice and let them sit for 13 hours. Stanley and Simply Modern both tied at here at 33 degrees. While the Hydro Flask didn’t have any ice left, it was almost 40 degrees.

Of course, none of this really matters unless it works in your car. I’m not gonna lie to you… none of these were home runs in the cup holder department. Plus, all of them are so heavy! We could definitely use these guys at the gym 😂


Bottom line, Simply Modern is a winner for me.


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