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Super Helpful Hand Towel Hack

hand towel hack

How often do you wash your hand towels? I’m talking about that one everyone in the house uses, including your guests. Did you know drying your hands with a two day old hand towel may be the equivalent to sticking your hands in the toilet and flushing 😳 Yes, sister! OH MY WORD! The minute I learned this… I made this easy, affordable change. Bonus: your guests love them, too!

Start off by finding a cute tray to display the towels. Next, pick out some affordable napkins, hand towels, or even bar towels. After putting the hand towels on display, make sure to keep a basket for them to be tossed and ready for the wash. How easy is that!?

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2 thoughts on “Super Helpful Hand Towel Hack

  1. This is brilliant. I absolutely hate using a towel that’s already been used. In my guest bathroom I have a really cute display with a roll of paper towels. And because I have a lot of company…I don’t want them reusing the same towel. So this works well for me. However, I do like this idea and I might switch. (: