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The Best Holiday Travel Hacks

holiday travel hacks

The holiday season is almost here! That also means it is officially Holiday Travel Season. Here are my free and easy holiday travel hacks that are essential for the upcoming season.

First, grab an extension cord. Those hotel outlets are always in the darkest places and are hard to find, so this is an easy fix. That extra cube with extra plugs will also come in handy if you have more than just a phone you are trying to charge.

Next, protect your holiday luggage while traveling! Even if your bag isn’t checked, add a fragile sticker on all of your bags for extra protection.

holiday travel hacks
holiday travel hacks
holiday travel hacks

Finally, use an empty chapstick container to safely store your emergency travel cash. All you have to do is fold your cash, roll it, and store it in the container. Trust me, no one is going to steal this!

I hope you love these tried and true holiday travel hacks for taking off or hitting the road during this season! ✈️🚘🧳


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