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Things I can’t fly without: a peak inside my travel bag

Come fly with me! After what seems like an eternity of staying pretty close to home, we’re back in the air. I love to travel and luckily, so does my family. Since a lot of us are taking trips again I thought I’d give you a peak inside my bag, these are the things I can’t take-off without!

1.) A baggie of organic tea bags – just ask the flight attendant for hot water. These are also helpful in your hotel room.

2.) @omicaorganics stevia drops, these keep me from reaching for the dreaded yellow, pink or blue packets full of chemicals.

3.) Hand wipes and mini spray, I’m a big fan of @eoproducts which is a healthy and toxin free sanitizer line. I basically clean everything, the seatbelt buckle, tray, armrest, TV screen, EVERYTHING!

4.) Stain remover stick and pads. @tidelaundry and @shout are both awesome.

5.) 3 earpiece options: 1 for cell, 1 for watching TV through the airplane outlet and an adapter to use with my iPad. I store them in a cute hot pink pouch which is easy to spot in my bag.

6.) Travel size lavender hand cream, because few things dry you out like a plane flight. The lavender not only smells great, but is nice and calming.

7.) Bars and nuts, because you never know what, if anything, the airline will be passing out as snacks.

8.) This last one isn’t physically useful, but I love the good energy my pink quartz crystal symbolizes. I’m not really superstitious, but it makes me smile knowing I’m carrying good vibes with me.

Is there something special you always pack? DM me, I’d love to know!

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