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Trader Joe’s Hacks: Low Carb Car Lunches

low carb

Tired of pulling through yet another drive-thru trying to make the best choice? I came up with these four SUPER EASY + HEALTHY lunches from TJ’s all made and eaten in my car ! I call this one… carb-pool kitchen😉

low carb

First up is the Trader Joe’s buffalo chicken wrap. This guy comes in at 54g of carbs! We can do better than that, sister.


Low Carb Buffalo chicken wraps
Buffalo chicken Dip
Celery Sticks
Cauliflower Slims

low carb

TJ’s cauliflower slims come in at just 1 carb for two pieces! Our “diy” buffalo chicken wrap is made with 2 cauliflower slims, their buffalo chicken dip, and celery. It comes out to less than 5 carbs. She’s not going to win any beauty pageants, but she’s delicious.


low carb

Next up is TJ’s vegetable burrito with 72g of carbs. Why do that when you can make my low carb vegetarian option?


Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps

Romaine hearts
Egg Salad

My own version comes in at just less than 3 carbs. I added the egg salad to my Romaine hearts and added their famous “everything but the bagel seasoning.” You are going to be keeping that seasoning in your glove compartment, and it has ZERO carbs!


low carb

Get this- their tuna salad wrap has 50g of carbs. Here’s my solution.


Tuna and Guacamole wraps
Cauliflower Pizza Crust
1 can of solid white albacore tuna
Guacamole to go

Take the cauliflower pizza crust, some guacamole, the tuna, and that delicious bagel seasoning. It tastes incredible!


low carb

Instead of their boxed salads, try this. It’s a healthier AND cheaper alternative.


Salad in a Bag
Pomodoro Cremoso Salad Kit (toss the crouton packet)
Genoa Salami & Provolone Cheese packet

Grab their cheese and salami packets along with their lettuce kit. This is a lot cheaper than banking on their boxed salads, and it’s a LOT more food. Toss those croutons that come in the kit, and add the extra protein, bagel seasoning, and even the dressing. A serving of this salad is only 8 carbs!


Which one sounds the best to you? Comment and LMK! Make sure to check out the linked product for my car steering wheel table- it makes eating in your car even easier when you’re on the go.


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