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Low Carb Costco Food Court Hack


Have you ever struggled to find a “healthier” option at a food court? With kids usually by my side begging for the ice cream and chicken cheese bake it’s hard to always make the best decision when that new Costco cookie is starting at you from the checkout line 😂 If you’re a carb counter like I am, you’re going to love this! Honestly, it’s so much food you could split it! And it makes the perfect on-the-go lunch! Finally, a way to enjoy the food court once in a while without feeling guilty ❤️

You guys will never believe this, but I made a low carb chicken parmesan at the Costco food court. It’s one of my favorite LORAfied creations- here’s how to make it!

I picked up 1 chicken Caesar salad and 1 slice of their cheese pizza. For the chicken parm base, we are going to use the chicken from the salad. Separate it and place it on a separate plate. And get this, the chicken adds 0 carbs!

Here’s where things get a little crazy. Scrape the cheese and sauce off of the pizza and top the chicken with it. I also topped mine with the shredded cheese from the salad! This entire plate comes out to 8g of carbs, and it’s absolutely delicious.

Now i’s time to hack the salad. First, we are gonna toss the croutons and dressing. Instead we are going to order the free side of onions. They come out at 2-4g carbs and make a great topping. Another free add on is the mustard and adds 0g carbs. It makes a delicious dressing, trust me!

Finally, a way to enjoy the Costco food court once in a while without feeling guilty! Stick around for more easy tips.


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