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Kitchen Hacks: Free + Easy Game Changers

kitchen hacks

Do you have a dishwasher? If yes, then how often do you find a flipped over item full of water in the top rack? My answer used to be ALL THE TIME! It’s so annoying, right? We’re going to fix that once a for all! And if you’re a fan of having fewer dust collectors taking up valuable cabinet space, you’ll love what happens with a cookie sheet and some scotch tape 😉 Oh, and I toss in one you don’t need to waste your time on 🪡🧵😂

kitchen hacks

Let’s start with the hack we can all use… the dry dish hack! Are you tired of finding water in your clean dishes? Here’s an easy hack to fix that.


Take your baking rack and place it on top of your dishes. This guy will weigh your dishes down so they don’t flip around and fill with water.

  kitchen hacks

This next hack is my personal favorite. We are making a DIY cupcake holder. And the only things you need? A cookie sheet and some scotch tape. With kids still at home, I find myself still needing a way to transport them from time to time, but honestly, not enough to store an oversized cupcake holder. This is a great alternative.

We are going to make a grid on the cookie sheet with your scotch tape. By the way, the tape won’t hurt your cookie sheet. Making a grid will create a square for each cupcake to sit inside of. The best part? This hack saves you from the hassle of buying and storing those store-bought cupcake holders.

kitchen hacks

And now… for my fail. I was SO excited about this threat the needle hack using a toothbrush. The bottom line? Skip out on this one. The only good news was that the toothbrush was clean.

2 out of 3 successful kitchen hacks is a win for me! Stay turned for more easy and helpful hacks.


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