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Target vs Walmart: Which is BEST FOR YOU?


Where do you tend to shop more, Target or Walmart? I used to think they were pretty interchangeable and would just stop at the one closest to when out running errands. Turns out, depending on where you are in life, one may be a much better fit. If you’re still deep in diapers or stocking up to feed a family every week, one is the clear winner! Same with fashion and beauty, one is far superior! For me, I need both of these stores 😂

Target vs Walmart⭐️🛒 


I headed to the cosmetics section first. At Target, they are going to accept cosmetic returns, even the opened products! Although you can’t return open cosmetics at Walmart, this is the spot for great prices on personal products like shampoo and body wash.



If you’ve got kids, Walmart is the place to score better deals on quality diapers.



I found that the Walmart food section is also superior. They have a bigger selection of groceries for much better deals!


Overall, Walmart is cheaper, more convenient, and has more quantities.


On the other hand, Target has fewer items that are a little fancier with those designer collaborations. Home goods aren’t just cuter at Target, but they are also more durable.


While Walmart’s clothing selection has come a long way, Target is the place to go for cute and affordable fashion finds.


Something silly I noticed is that Target’s shopping experience was just superior! They have bigger isles, better lighting, and the store is overall just more aesthetically pleasing.


The Bottom Line? 

Walmart is great for the things you need. It has better deals on the essential items, with more quantities available.

Target is better for the things you want. It has a great return policy, and the clothing and home selections are superior.


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