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Low Carb Starbucks Drink Dupes

Starbucks Have you ever looked up the carbs in your favorite Starbucks drink? We all know they’re loaded with sugar, but who knew it was this bad?! Here’s how to order a coffee on the run that tastes great but isn’t liquid sugar 😉 Get ready to write these down, I’ve got some goodies in this one ☕️🤎



If you like their top seller, this low-carb caramel macchiato dupe is incredible. The regular version comes in at 42 carbs, but with this recipe, we brought it down to just 6 carbs!



Introducing the zero carb vanilla frappucino. Can you believe it?! The regular comes in at a whopping 56 grams of carbs. This dupe is the way to go, sister!



Low-carb iced matcha latte. The original guy comes in at 45 carbs, but if you order it this way, it comes down to just 8 carbs.



Finally, we have the classic iced vanilla latte. If you make it this way, you bring this drink from 22 carbs to zero carbs! A big tip here: order 3 parts water to 1 part heavy cream. That’s going to make it feel like you’re drinking milk.


NOTE: Because sugar comes in most of their drinks, make sure to request sugar free.

Now, it’s time to make your own low carb drink! I made a little cheat sheet to make the ordering process quick and easy.


Make Your Own: Iced or Hot

*Request no sugar*




Heavy Cream
Half & Half
Almond Milk

SF Vanilla Syrup
Light Drizzle of Mocha or Caramel

When you are thinking about all the carbs you aren’t drinking, these drinks taste a lot better!


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