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As Seen on the Today Show: Rotisserie Chicken Hacks to Debone FAST

rotisserie chicken

Have you ever struggled to get all the meat off a rotisserie chicken? Raise your hand if you’ve thrown some of it away because you just couldn’t get it off the bone after it had set in the fridge🙋‍♀️ Good news, sister, those days are over! Here’s one of the fastest hacks out there that will have you saying “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” 🏆🐓

Tip #1: Go through the chickens and compare the weight. Some guys will be a lot heavier than others! The heavier chickens stay more moist under those heat lamps and will be the juiciest. Head home and get ready for a hack that’s going to blow your mind! Fastest way to debone a chicken EVER.

All you need is an extra-large baggie. Stick your warm chicken inside, zip up the bag, and just start squishing.  That’s right! That chicken will slide right off, with none going to waste.

Then, remove the bones into a pot. Divide the chicken into containers and refrigerate for the easiest meal prep ever.

See below for how to use those bones to make bone broth!

Easy Bone Broth
Bones from 1 chicken
12 cups of water
4-6 celery stocks
Large handful of carrots
Bunch of parsley (either flat or curly works)
1 onion (just remove the skin, you can leave it whole)
10-15 garlic cloves
Salt (to taste)
1 Tbsp Peppercorns

Put everything in a large pot, bring to a boil then simmer for 1-2 hours, until it reduces down by about 1/3 or so. Strain before storing in the fridge 😘


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