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Use This Hack to Fold Bath Towels Faster and Neater

Bath towels hack - LORAFied

How many bath towels have you folded in your lifetime? It’s almost impossible to calculate, right? We all dedicate a lot of life minutes to this chore each week, so finding a faster, easier and neater way of getting these done and in the linen closet a game changer. Here’s my hack for the quickest way (other than rolling them in a ball) to get the job done!


Starting with a flat bath towel, bring in the sides, then fold it in half.

Then, fold it in half again!

Ps. You’ll notice our towels all say La Sirena, which is Spanish for The Mermaid. We live in an old beach house which came with a carved wooden mermaid figurehead, so we decided to name our little bungalow after it. I’ve personalized just about everything in the house with the little mythical gal just to give the place a little whimsy.

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