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3 Genius Kitchen Hacks: Save Money and Get Organized!


You guys are going to love these 3 kitchen hacks- they are game changers! Do you use paper towels? My family was using a crazy amount until I started doing this hack! Plus 2 of my favorite hacks tricks 😍

My family is notorious for using a crazy amount of paper towels, and these days, the prices for paper towels are crazy! I have a solution. I started cutting my paper towels in half. This way, they end up using half as much!

Now, onto the fridge! Baking soda is great for eliminating odors, but here’s the thing… we have to change it out every few months for the rest of our lives. I’ve got the solution! I grabbed my handy refrigerator deodorizer. If you swap your baking soda out for this guy, it lasts 10 years! Mark you calendars a decade from now. Your welcome 😉

Under the kitchen sink, I’ve always wanted a towel holder! But, my Husband Scooter doesn’t love the idea of drilling holes into your cabinets. Instead, I found a bar that doesn’t require any tools! This damage free towel bar doesn’t look like a temporary bar, which makes me and Scoot happy!


Do you use dish gloves? Comment and LMK! I’m so addicted to mine, I’ve been known to buy them on vacation 😂


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