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6 Travel Hacks for 15 Bucks: Dollar Store Edition!

Do you love or hate packing? Are you the kind who starts packing well in advance of a trip or more of a toss it all in the night before like Kid 3 and my husband Scooter? No matter what your style, these EASY TRAVEL TIPS will have you ARRIVING ORGANIZED without blowing your budget 😍



Hack #1: we’re using straws to pack necklaces! You’ll need one for short necklaces and two for long. I grabbed the extra wide kind!

Hack #2: head over to the car section and grab a couple of microfiber mitts. It’s the perfect way to pack things like perfume bottles and delicate items. Just roll it up and secure with a hair tie.

Hack #3: run and grab an oven mitt! When you’re traveling, you don’t always have time to let your irons cool down and this easy hack is the answer.

Hack #4: make sure to grab some shower caps! They make fantastic shoe protectors and you can get a pack of 10 for $1.25.

Hack #5: head over to the craft section and grab these plastic boxes. The pill box is great for your larger earrings and the craft one for the smaller.

Hack #6: grab a binder pouch from the office section along with a hair clip to keep all your electronics nice and organized!


Do you usually check a bag or make it all work in a carry-on? Comment and LMK! For weekend trips, I can do a carry-on, but for longer trips I check a larger bag and hope for the best 😉


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